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We Little ( Best pediatric dental Clinic in India)– The Preventive Pediatric Dentistry, being the leading pediatric dentistry in India, was established by Dr.Shifa (Best Pediatric Dentist in India) in 2013 with a focus on better health by looking beyond just teeth. It was her unbound love for children that led her to specialize in preventive pediatric dentistry after completing her bachelor’s in 2006.

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Kids Dental Care

From treating Symptoms to correcting causes. Building a healthy future. Filling drilling and teeth extractions really frighten the kids.
What if there was an alternative procedure to all of this and yet the purpose was solved. Well, that is exactly when a functional dentist intervenes.

  • The role of the functional dentist is to work towards preventing situations of tooth decay
  • Tooth extractions and avoid cavity
  • Through lifestyle enhancement of child.
  • Improving sleep patterns
  • Through anti-cavity treatments
  • Through educating the child and parent on health and through dental exercises.
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Best Pediatric Dental Clinic in India

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Dr.Padminee Krishnan M.D.S

Dr.Padminee Krishnan M.D.S

Pediatric dentist & Clinical Lead ( Chennai )
Dr. Arpitha M.D.S

Dr. Arpitha M.D.S

Pediatric Orthodontist & Clinical Lead ( Bangalore )
Dr Sreelakshmi B.D.S., PG Dip.Ortho

Dr Sreelakshmi B.D.S., PG Dip.Ortho

Myoline practitioner & Clinical Lead ( Coimbatore )

What Clients Say

“My twins had their fillings and they were only 4-year-olds.. the treatment was very good and the ambiance at the hospital was very good..the Dr and the team are very patient and polite with the kids which made our work very easy and very happy that we choose this place for our kids.”

Joe Subramaniyan

“This is among few clinics which treat the kids with complete attention and care. All the doctors are extremely dedicated. If your kids are scared of visiting dentists, this is the place you should take. I’m sure it’ll change their perception and give them a new experience.”

Raksha Joshi

quick,easy & problem-free

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Start At 3
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Breastfeeding Vs Bottle-feeding
Breastfeeding Vs Bottle-feeding
Breastfeeding Vs Bottle-feeding !!! Their Role on Children's Teeth, Alignment and Sleep   Breastfeeding is not the same as breast milk feeding!!! I was at the university in Boston a couple of days before, when a young mother who was a professional was given a…
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