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Dentistry for Children

Other Treatments

Our approach is to keep one question in mind: “What would we do for our own child”

Hearing the words “Your child has a cavity” may make you feel like you have failed as a parent, but be easy on yourself because sometimes tooth decay can occur despite proper hygiene.

Local Anaesthetic (Numbing)

When it is necessary to numb an area, our office specializes in using distracting techniques to make it the most comfortable experience possible.These techniques, combined with the use of nitrous oxide (laughing gas), typically make the experience easy and most children do not realize what is being done!

White Fillings

If your child has a cavity, we may recommend either a white filling depending on where the tooth is located and/or how large the cavity is. We value your opinion in the selection of filling material and encourage parents to discuss the options with us!

Resin (white) Crowns

If your child had large decay or a fracture on a front tooth, we may recommend a resin crown to cover the entire tooth structure.

Stainless Steel (silver) Crowns

A stainless steel crown is a prefabricated SILVER crown that covers the entire visible portion of the tooth. Stainless steel crowns (silver caps) are incredibly durable and the favored choice for restoring back teeth when a large portion of the tooth is lost due to extensive decay or a fracture.


A pulpectomy is the removal of the nerve tissue, followed by placing a restorable restorative material. The tooth is then restored with a stainless steel crown, covering the remaining tooth structure and providing strength to withhold biting forces.


An extraction is often indicated for a tooth with decay too large to restore, if the tooth has an abscess, or certain traumatic injuries. We perform baby tooth extractions if indicated.

Space Maintainers

Primary (baby) teeth are important for holding space for the un-erupted permanent tooth. When a primary molar tooth is lost prematurely, the neighbouring teeth may tip or drift into the space, leaving little or no space for the permanent tooth to erupt. There are several different types of space maintainers, and they are custom made to fit your child’s mouth.

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