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Sleep Dentistry: You’re In Safe Hands!

If you are worried about pain and discomfort that your child will experience during his/her oral surgery or other dental procedure, you will be happy to find out that we offer sleep dentistry to ignore issues such as cavities, broken or lose teeth, and other problems can put your child oral health at serious risk.

What is sleep dentistry?

This is one of the most common questions asked by patients looking for oral dental treatment without having to preserve through all the pain associated with traditional dental procedures. Sleep dentistry also referred to as sedation dentistry. The phobia that many adults have today regarding dental treatment is often the result of poor dental experiences when they were children. Children today receiving dental care can be treated with safe orally administered sedation. Utilizing modern, safe sedative medications, a child can be conscious, yet sleepy, with no memory of their dental treatment.

What is pediatric sedation?

Children aren’t little adults. They have different metabolism and different airway. Dentists who work with children and teens take special training to create a safe and comfortable dental experience for our kids so they can grow up without the fear and anxiety many adults experience. Just like adults, however, a careful review of medical history and discussion of the child’s needs is important to choose the right medications and protocol.

There are three levels of sedation namely.

Minimal sedation- you will be awake throughout the process but you relaxed.

Moderate sedation – this is known as conscious sedation. It is characterized by loss of memory and slur conversation.

General anesthesia- you will be completely unconscious throughout the procedure. You will not remember anything that happens while undergoing the dental procedure.

Some patients are skeptical that anything is then total anesthetic could make them undergo a dental procedure without panicking, but sleep dentistry has a number of benefits, including

  • Anesthesia means no risk of adverse reactions
  • Patients can go home immediately after oral conscious sedation
  • Experience a dentist visit consciously without fear or anxiety

Many patients who undergo sleep dentistry are able to overcome their fear of the dentist gradually with each visit.

Home Care Guidelines

Understanding exactly how a cavity form is extremely important when it comes to your little one’s oral health. It’s not only the plaque that forms on the teeth that can be a concern but what and how often your child snacks throughout the day. This plaque will remain on a tooth until properly removed with effective brushing. Every time that your child consumes a form of sugar (whether carbohydrate or a sugary drink), they feed this bacterial plaque, which produces acid. This acid attack on the tooth enamel, lasting 20 minutes or more, creates ‘cavity mode’ and can lead to a breakdown of tooth enamel causing a cavity.

Helpful Tips

1. Frequency is key to help keep your child cavity-free! Limit the number of snacks times throughout the day

2. Avoid starchy snacks, such as crackers, bread, cookies, and chips which can linger in the grooves of the teeth making cavity mode last longer

3. Shop smart and stock your fridge and pantry with healthy snacks. Save the sugary, starchy snacks for special occasions or at mealtime

4. Choose healthier snacks such as yogurt, cheese, peanut butter, and even dark chocolate, which has antioxidant properties

5. Soft drinks, energy drinks, sports drinks, and even juices tend to be acidic which can breakdown the enamel even faster

6. Don’t lick or sip – the longer it takes to lick a hard piece of candy or drink a sugary beverage, the greater the damage

7. Drink at one sitting or with food and drink only water to hydrate

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