FAQs – Myoline – Naturally Aligning Teeth

FAQ’s – Myoline – Naturally Aligning Teeth

What is Myoline (Naturally Aligning Teeth) and how does it differ from traditional teeth alignment methods?

Myoline is an innovative approach to teeth alignment that focuses on guiding jaw growth during a child’s developmental phase. Unlike traditional methods that wait until all permanent teeth erupt, Myoline starts treatment early to address the root cause of malocclusion and jaw dysfunction.

How does Myoline work to align teeth naturally?

Myoline employs myofunctional therapy to retrain muscles that impact jaw growth and teeth alignment. By addressing the underlying muscle issues, Myoline helps create the ideal environment for teeth alignment to occur naturally.

What age is suitable for starting Myoline (Naturally Aligning Teeth) treatment?

Signs of jaw dysfunction and malalignment can be observed as early as 3 years old. Myoline can be followed by all age groups when appropriately tailored to their needs.

What are the benefits of starting Myoline (Naturally Aligning Teeth) treatment early?

Starting Myoline early allows prevention of dental issues, as it targets the root cause during a child’s growth phase. It’s easily adaptable to a child’s routine, and the non-restrictive appliances don’t interfere with their social life.

Why is addressing myofunctional habits crucial for teeth alignment?

Poor myofunctional habits like mouth breathing or tongue thrusting can impact the muscles that affect jaw and teeth alignment. Myofunctional oral exercises correct these habits, restoring balance and promoting lasting changes.

How does Myoline work for adults?

Myoline targets different phases for children and adults. In children, it prevents improper habits and promotes natural alignment, while in adults, it focuses on preventing relapse after teeth alignment through myofunctional therapy.

What are the stages of Myoline treatment?

Myoline treatment involves habits correction, arch correction, teeth alignment, and retention. Each stage plays a vital role in achieving lasting teeth alignment results.

Can Myoline prevent crooked teeth?

Yes, by focusing on holistic practices such as proper breastfeeding, nasal breathing, and introducing textured foods, Myoline aims to prevent crooked teeth and promote well-defined face and jaw development.

How does Myoline approach teeth alignment differently than orthodontic treatments?

Myoline focuses on muscle retraining and guiding jaw growth to naturally align teeth, while orthodontic treatments often involve braces or aligners to mechanically move teeth.

How does Myoline work?

Myoline is a non-conventional treatment that aligns teeth holistically by guiding the growth of jaws during a child’s growth phase. It focuses on the cause behind malalignment, retraining the muscles that influence jaw growth and teeth alignment through exercises. By eliminating the root cause, Myoline achieves naturally aligned teeth

When should Myoline treatment be initiated?

Myoline treatment can be initiated as early as 3 years of age when signs and symptoms of dysfunctional muscles and inadequate jaw growth become evident. However, it can be followed by all age groups

How does Myoline work to naturally align teeth?

Myoline focuses on correcting poor myofunctional habits such as poor chewing, mouth breathing, open mouth posture, and tongue thrusting. By teaching oral exercises to relax and relieve these muscles from improper functioning, Myoline helps restore balance in the muscle and jaw structures. This training during the growth phase rectifies the root cause and prevents relapse as the child gets older

How long does Myoline treatment take?

The duration of Myoline treatment depends on various factors but can typically be completed within 12-24 months.

Is Myoline suitable for all malocclusion types?

Yes, Myoline is suitable for various forms of malocclusion, including protruded teeth, open bite, deep bite, crowding, and crossbite.

What Are the Consequences of Untreated Crooked Teeth?

Leaving crooked teeth untreated can result in various oral health issues. Improper chewing, known as chew dysfunction, can lead to excessive wear and tear on gums, teeth, and jawbone. Additionally, untreated crooked teeth can cause decay, exert excessive force on the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), leading to TMJ disorder, chronic headaches, ear and neck pain. Furthermore, the constant force on gums due to misalignment can result in gum recession, ultimately causing periodontal problems and bone loss over time.

Is Heredity the Sole Cause of Crooked Teeth?

While heredity does play a role in crooked teeth, it’s not the only factor. In today’s generation, around 6 out of 10 children develop crooked teeth, often noticeable by the age of 5. Alongside genetics, factors like underdeveloped jaws, oral restrictions, and other habits affecting oral muscles contribute significantly. The combination of genetics and these additional factors is known as epigenetic factors, shaping the alignment of teeth.

Can Myoline align teeth without the need for orthodontic treatments?

Myoline’s oral therapies, addressing the position of teeth as influenced by lips and tongue, can naturally align teeth. This approach reduces the reliance on complex orthodontic treatments.

What is the role of an interdisciplinary team in delivering Myoline treatment?

An interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals is involved in delivering Myoline treatment. This team includes orofacial myologists, pediatric dentists and orthodontists who are trained to evaluate and treat orofacial muscular dysfunction in children

Does Myoline require patient cooperation for successful results?

Yes, patient cooperation is crucial for Myoline’s success. Compliance with oral exercises and following the treatment plan greatly influences the progress and effectiveness of the results.

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